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StarBeings... HeartSuns ?


Ancient cave painters had their 'Icons'. Modern day artists also have them. StarBeings are Tribal Icons. The 'Tribe' is Humanity. We're all 'StarBeings' because our planet and all its lifeforms, as well as all the other planets in our solar system & beyond, are made up of the dust and debris of exploded stars.


My StarBeing Icons have a message. It's that we're all '1-Tribe', keepers of the '1Love-Energy'. They have 'HeartSun' images in their chest area, which is meant to express that these StarBeings are '1Love-Energy' Icons.


HeartSun images symbolize the '1Love-Energy' that is all that truly is. Yes, Yes... our world is so dominated by so much misery & pain. So how can '1Love-Energy' be all that truly is ? Well, we create the mess... and we can choose. So when we choose to uncreate the misery & mess, with instinct & intuition as our guides, it will cease to exist, leaving only '1Love-Energy' to still remain.


HeartSun images are reminders of the '1Love-NRG' that is all that truly is. They're Love, Light, Bliss, Energy talismans.



My Artworks begin with hand drawings, which are then scanned into computer memory and printed out for more drawing. When enough progress is made, the final mock-up is scanned and brought into computer graphics programs for finalizing.


The final image is then sent to the production house where it is output via high end inkjet printers to Chromaluxe Aluminum Panels and sealed with a polymer varnish. Each iteration of an image is an original work, because each one is identical.


There are no 'copies' or 'prints'. Each Aluminum Panel Artwork is an original. Kind of different. 

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